One of the most attractive reasons for living lakeside is the sunny, temperate, year-round weather. At the same latitude as Hawaii and about the same altitude as Denver, the region offers a semi-arid, semi-tropical climate that is protected and moderated by the huge lake and the stunning mountain ranges that ring it. The hottest months are April through mid-June when daytime temperatures can sometimes reach into the low 90s. But even then, because of the consistently low humidity, the temperature feels much cooler and comfortable in the shade.

The coolest months are between December and February, when it often dips down to 45 -50 degrees overnight. However, most afternoons are sunny, pleasant and in the lower 70s. After the hot months, the rainy season from mid-June through mid-October is welcomed. The rains fall mostly overnight and keep the temperatures cooler, and most afternoons are sunny and pleasant with highs in the low 80s. This extraordinary micro-climate produces a splendid display of colorful flora and fauna that thrive year round in a constant riot of vibrant colors.