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Closings with Confidence

If you’re a property owner in the Lakeside region, you’ve probably heard many stories of real estate closings that have gone wrong at the last moment, or even fallen apart. At Ajijic Real Estate we leave nothing to chance, so you won’t need to worry.

Much upfront preparation and paperwork needs to be completed to ensure a smooth and successful closing. We not only work to make sure that you and your home are properly prepared to close, we also collaborate closely with the buyer’s agent to assure that all necessary paperwork is complete and funds transferred before the closing date.

While many closing details are similar to those in most other countries, there are other closing details unique to Mexico which we will explain and work with you and the buyer to ensure compliance. In addition, we can recommend a Notary (government appointed attorney) to you for the closing and for any complex capital gains issue. In many to most instances, we can help to reduce and often times help to eliminate any capital gains taxes.

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