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Dear Costumer,

Because Corporativo Ajijic Real Estate S.C., is responsable for dealing with personal infomation that has been, or will be, obtained, we have implemented measures to guarantee the safety of your personal information (¨Personal Information¨) and for that reason we have done the following:

Notice of Privacy Act

Based on articles 3, 8, 15, 16, 30, 36 and other applicable provisions of the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Information in Possesion of Individuals and the bylaws, we acknowledge that Corporativo Ajijic Real Estate S.C., (¨Corporativo Ajijic Real Estate¨), which operates under the commercial name of AJIJIC REAL ESTATE, located at Morelos No. 4, Colonia Centro, Ajijic, Municipio de Chapala, Jalisco C.P. 45920 and web site, is responsible to take adequate care to protect Personal Information, complying with the luicidity, quality, consent, information, finality, loyalty, proporcianality and responsability of the law.

Our clients (including owners and/or guarantors and/or being married under community property laws, and/or the spouse) will supply Personal Information to Corporativo Ajijic Real Estate, directly and indirectly (for example, information from public documents), personally or through a subsidary, affiliated, controlled, co-owned and/or allied trade.

The personal information may be obtained through sales offices, public promotional events of housing, e-mail, telephone, public data basees, your web page (web or chat) and/or Facebook, Twitter and similar platforms.

For possible adquisition of property: I. On your first visit or subsequently thereafter, the following basic information will be taken: (a) first and last names; (b) e-mail address; (c) telephone numbers (home, work and mobile); (d) Social Security Number and/or clave única de vivienda; and (e) ID registration number (CURP). (Regarding items (d) and (e), this is required, regardless of whether the owner/title holder authorizes us to qualify you with the financial institution of your choice). II. Relative addendums to the contract (counter offer, promise, etc.), addicionally needed will be: (a) date and place of birth; (b) nationality; (c) gender (male/female); (d) marriage certificate; (e) document that proves common law marriage or cohabitation if applicable; (f) Federal Tax Registry (RFC); and/or any modifications; (g) Fiscal ID and/or Federal Tax Registry code if it was not provided or solicited on your first visit; (h) Social Security Number or Clave única de vivienda, if it wasn’t provided or solicited on your first visit; (i) Employer registration number, if applicable; (j) ID registration numbe (CURP); (k) proof of address; (l) Credit report; (m) bank statements; (n) income and expense statements; (ñ) academic and labor information (address, position, phone number, contact person and information); (o) personal and commercial references; (p) official identification, with the understanding that foreigners will have to show migratory documentation that acknowledges their legal stay in the country; and (q) any other information necessary for the posible aquisition of a property.

We understand that, the personal information of a third party (for example personal or commercial references) that you provide us, have authorization to be used by us in agreement with the present notice of privacy.

The primary purposes that apply to the Personal Information the (“Primary Purposes”) will be: (a) to be identified as a costumer or interested in our products/services; (b) knowing the needs of clients; (c) clients to be contacted and given a follow-up on their needs in purchasing or selling real estate; (d) to be advisedd as to mortgages, credit simulators, pre-qualification systems; (e) to do needed management before third parties; (f) to write documents, contracts, agreements, invoices, receipts, and any paper work related to real estate; (g) addressing complaints and clarifications; (h) quality assessment and post-sale follow up; (i) storage, and (j) to comply with terms and conditions that have been established with you.

The secondary purpose that applys to the Personal Information (the “Secondary Purposes”) will be: (a) to inform clients of new developments and promotions; (b) statistics; (c) marketing; and (d) prospecting.

The confidenciality of the Personal Information is guaranteed and is protected by administrative, technical and physical security regulations, to avoid harm, alteration, destruction, use, revealing or unapproved use, for example the Personal Information is on an internal data base, which is managed through access passwords and access is restricted to authorized people; confidentiality agreements with staff, and others.

The client can exercise his right of the law by: (a) rectification, which should indicate the changes and provide documentation that credits and supports the petition; (b) cancellationof the contract; (c) opposition through email directed to Jaime Niembro Montemayor and/or Alejandro Lopez Lopez and/or through an appointment at Morelos No. 4, Colonia Centro, Ajijic, Municipallity of Chapala, Jalisco.

In a maximum of twenty (20) working days, counting from the date of receiving the application, the petition will be answered and the parties involved informed of the appropriateness or inappropriateness of the petition, through an email provided to receive the notice. In the case of proceedance of your application, Corporativo Ajijic Real Estate will respond within the next 15 working days, counting from the day of your report via email of your Application.

In addition, following the process of exercising the LAW ARCO, you have the right, with relation to the secondary purposes, to: (a) revoke or manifest your negative intention to deal with your Personal Information; and/or (b) be included in the “Exclusion List” maintaned and owned by Ajijic Real Estate that allows the use and exposure of Personal Information. For both (a) and (b) it is enough to send an application to have personal information revoked or excluded, which should contain: (a) first) and last names; and (b) email address in order to answer your application…this should be directed to the comercialization area of Corporativo Ajijic Real Estate to the following email address: and/or, where we will receive the charge so that Ajijic Real Estate remains committed to this petition. The report of received, includes the evidence of revocation and/or the registration to the “Exclusion List.” Corporativo Ajijic Real Estate has a maximum of five (5) working days to answer.

All documentation shall be sent in a PDF format, legible and complete, so that Corporativo Ajijic Real Estate can understand the application.

If you consider that the right of the protection of your personal information has been harmed by Corporativo Ajijic Real Estate or you presume that in the treatment of your personal information there exists some violation of the aptitude reviewed in the Law, you may interject your complaint or report to the Institution of Federal Access of Protection of Information, IFAI (, between the next fifteen (15) days from the date in which the answer was received from Corporativo Ajijic Real Estate S.C. or after the period of twenty (20) days, starting from the date in which the report was filed with the Application of your exercise of rights.

Corporativo Ajijic Real Estate S.C. is a company that markets real estate, therefore the Personal Information could be transfered to subsidaries, affiliated controlers, co-property title holders, commercial allies and/or third parties, all involved in the real estate industry. Also information can be transmited to the people heretofore mentioned: authorized financial institutions, either public or private, including INFONAVIT and FOVISSSTE; notaries; real estate managements, appraisers and any others that shall be determined necessary to accomplish the reason you contacted us.

Important: Any change to this Notice of Privacy will be acknowledged on this web site:, located by link in the Notice of Privacy on the inner part of the starting page, without it being neccessary to communicate changes made to specific individuals.

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