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Healthcare is among the top concerns of those considering a move here, or to any foreign country. Fortunately, Mexico has excellent, world class medical care at a fraction of the costs of the United States and Canada. Guadalajara, just an hour away, has world-class hospitals and medical schools, which produce many of the primary care doctors and other specialists who practice in the Lakeside area. There are also a variety of health insurance plans from which to choose – all of which are significantly less than plans in either the U.S. or Canada.

Local Medical Centers
There are a few hospitals and comprehensive medical clinics in the immediate area, all of which have bi-lingual doctors on staff. In emergencies, ambulance service is available from these clinics locally or to large modern medical centers in Guadalajara. Medical air evacuation services are available to the United States as well.

  • Hospital Ajijic at Carretera 33 in Ajijic has doctors and nurses on call 24/7. Services are available by both walk-in and appointment. General medicine, ultrasound, gynecological, laparoscopy, lab tests, dental care and a variety of surgical procedures. Telephones: 376 766 0662, 376 766 0500, cell: 333 584 2044 and for 24 hour emergency, 376 766 1499.

  • The Red Cross, 376 765 2277, which is located on Calle Gonzales Gallo in Chapala, responds to all traffic accident injuries. The services are at no charge, even if an ambulance has to take you into one of the Guadalajara hospitals. Donations to the Red Cross are always appreciated.

  • Chapala Med – Offices of Santiago Hernandez M.D. Emergency Contact Numbers:Cel: 333 950 9414 Office: 376 766 4435. The facility offers, Acute Care of Geriatric, Adult and Childhood Illnesses and Injuries, General Dentistry, Dermatology and Skin Disorders, Facial Rejuvenation with Botox and Dermal Fillers, Well Woman Care, Men’s Health Care, Obesity and Weight Control, It is open Monday to Saturday.

  • Hospital San Antonio del Lago de Chapala. Hidalgo, Carretera Ote. 23, San Antonio Tlayacapan, 45992 Jal. San Antonio Hospital has designed a membership program that offers a plan with preferential prices or discounts on consultations, medical services, medications, among other benefits. Open 24/7, Tel: 376 689 0911.

  • Ribera Medical Center. 153, Libramiento Carretera, Lib. A Chapala, 45922 Ajijic, Jal. Open 24/7. Tel: 376 765 8200.

Health Insurance Plans
There are two types of public health care coverage in Mexico.

  1. The first and most common is the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS), which is provided when you’re employed full time with a Mexican company or private employer, regardless of your nationality. If you don’t meet that criteria, you can pay into the same plan for a pretty modest monthly fee. With IMSS, your first year of coverage will only cover medical attention. As of the second year of coverage, you’ll also be eligible for surgeries, medical supplies, prescription drugs and hospital visits. For those enrolling in IMSS coverage, you can expect a yearly fee of the equivalent of about US$400, which must be renewed annually. Deductibles aren’t paid annually, but rather by diagnosis. For accident-related fees, the deductible is typically US$250. A non-accidental deductible costs on average US$800.You can, however, be denied coverage for certain pre-conditions. Application to the program and subsequent services are provided in Spanish only. If you don’t speak Spanish, you’ll likely need to hire an interpreter or rely on the support of a friend when completing paperwork or receiving treatments.
  1. What is Insabi?

    The Health Institute for Wellbeing replaced Seguro Popular 2020.

    Its function is to serve all the people who do not have social security. Provide free public health services, medicines, and other associated supplies, at the time of requesting care.


    What does Insabi mean?

    It is the acronym for Institute of Health for Well-being.


    How does Insabi work?

    People who do not have social security (IMSS, ISSSTE, Pemex, Sedena, Semar), will receive free care through Insabi.


    Insabi Clinics: where is care given?

    Insabi provides care in Health Centers, Health Centers with Expanded Services (CESSA), IMSS Bienestar Medical Units, Medical Specialties Units (UNEMES) and in rural, community and general hospitals.


    How to join Insabi? Requirements

    To join Insabi you must go to your nearest health center and present CURP, INE credential, or birth certificate. There a record will be made for the continuity of your clinical record.


    Insabi services: What does it cover?

    A first-level doctor will perform the first assessment and refer the patient to a second level if required.

    To obtain Insabi services, you do not require membership or pay a fee.

    People who come to Insabi will receive all free medicines, as well as analyzes clinical studies and diagnoses, surgical interventions, and hospitalization at no cost if the condition warrants it.

    Deliveries or scheduled operations will not be suspended, nor will the usual supply of free medicines for those who require it. Also, patients with HIV or cancer will receive their treatment as before.


    What do I do if I am charged or denied medicine at Insabi?

    You can file a complaint with the state comptroller, with the entities' control bodies, or with the internal control bodies of the Health Secretariats of each state.


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    ¿Qué es el Insabi? 

    El Instituto de Salud para el Bienestar sustituyó al Seguro Popular 2020.

    Su función es atender a todas las personas que no disponen de seguridad social. Brindará de forma gratuita los servicios públicos de salud, medicamentos y demás insumos asociados, al momento de requerir la atención.


    ¿Qué significa Insabi?

    Es el acrónimo de Instituto de Salud para el Bienestar.


    ¿Cómo funciona el Insabi?

    Las personas que no cuentan con seguridad social (IMSS, ISSSTE, Pemex, Sedena, Semar), recibirán atención gratuita a través del Insabi.

    Clínicas del Insabi: ¿dónde se da atención?

    El Insabi da atención en Centros de Salud, Centros de Salud con Servicios Ampliados (CESSA), Unidades Médicas de IMSS Bienestar, Unidades de Especialidades Médicas (UNEMES) y en los hospitales rurales, comunitarios y generales.


    ¿Cómo afiliarse al Insabi? Requisitos

    Para afiliarte al Insabi debes acudir a tu centro de salud más cercano y presentar CURP, credencial del INE o acta de nacimiento. Ahí se realizará un registro para la continuidad de tu expediente clínico.


    Servicios del Insabi: ¿qué cubre?

    Un médico de primer nivel realizará la primera valoración y derivará al paciente a un segundo nivel si lo requiere.

    Para obtener los servicios del Insabi no requieres afiliación o pagar una cuota.

    Las personas que acudan al Insabi recibirán todos los medicamentos gratuitos, así como análisis, estudios y diagnósticos clínicos, intervenciones quirúrgicas y hospitalización sin costo alguno si el padecimiento lo amerita.

    No se suspenderán partos u operaciones programadas, ni el suministro habitual de medicamentos gratuitos para quienes lo requieran. Así también, pacientes con VIH o cáncer recibirán su tratamiento como hasta ahora.


    ¿Qué hago si me cobran o me niegan medicinas en el Insabi?

    Puedes presentar una queja en la contraloría estatal, en los órganos de fiscalización de las entidades o en los órganos de control interno de las Secretarías de Salud de cada estado.


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