Why Ajijic?    

Ten top reasons for owning a home in Ajijic are:

10. The natural beauty of the area includes 100 miles of shoreline bordering the calm waters of Lake Chapala, added to this is the majesty of the surrounding Sierra Madre Mountains.
9. The warmth and hospitality of the residents of Ajijic is contagious. You’ll be happy here!
8. The exceptional tropical climate, tempered by a mile high altitude, offers moderate temperatures throughout the year.
7. The feeling of being safe: Ajijic boasts a relatively low crime rate.
6. Ajijic is easily accessible, and with a modern international airport just miles away, it is quick and convenient to depart for the USA, Canada, Europe and the world.
5. Ajijic is not too materialistic and quite inexpensive; people tend to spend less money here.
4. There are active community service and social organizations that welcome the participation of new residents of Ajijic. You will find it is a perfect place to study and practice art, Spanish language, and Mexican culture. A variety of classes are available through quality programs and local instructors.
3. With a wide variety of leisure activities available— including golf, tennis, horseback riding, boating and more—your family and friends will love to come and visit you here.
2. Despite the small-village atmosphere, Ajijic offers a wide range of services and amenities, including many fine restaurants.
1. There is a genuine feel of Mexican village life set along the cobblestone streets. This offers a low stress atmosphere that can add years to your life.

Overall... an unbeatable quality of life!!